Founded in 1997, Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) is a 1,000+ member 501(c)(6) not-for-profit professional association representing independent educational consultants from every region of the country and across the globe who focus exclusively on helping students navigate the college admissions process. Guided by HECA’s Standards and Ethics Statement for professional conduct, their members serve the college planning needs of more than 23,000 high school seniors each year. Many of HECA members also assist low-income students through pro-bono advice and volunteer service to nonprofit organizations and local schools.


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HECA members are experts on the college admissions process and have a first-hand perspective on the many different challenges and decisions that students and families face. From college affordability and financial aid, to assisting traditionally underserved students and campus safety, our members are great sources for what is happening today in the college decision-making process. HECA Regional Coordinators are available to share their expertise.


HECA Member Marie Morris: Western Undergraduate Exchange can make college more affordable 9/12/2021

HECA Member Maureen Chang: Can New International Students Take Online Classes? 6/15/21

HECA Member Scott S. Garbini: Interview "How do you know what college is right for you if you identify as LGBTQIA? We speak to a college consultant." 5/8/21

HECA Member Elizabeth Marksteiner: Tech targets international school engagement as counsellor role evolves 4/6/21

HECA Member Cyndy McDonald: UC numbers soar, CSU’s drop as pandemic upends college application season 12/18/20

HECA Member Allison Grandits: So…Do You Help Us Find Scholarships, Too? 10/27/2020

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HECA Member Dale Price: When and Went Not to Submit Test Scores in Applying to College 9/7/20

HECA Member Julia Surtshin on KGW News 8: COVID-19 has Thrown a Wrench into the "Normal" College Application Process

HECA Member Allison Grandits: Drop ACT/SAT requirement or risk losing thousands of qualified students 8/6/20

HECA member Hanna Stotland's interview with Dr. Jonathan Pidluzny, Vice President of Academic Affairs at ACTA on enrollment trends she is seeing during the pandemic. 7/20/20

HECA members Wendie Lubie and Robbye Fox participate in podcast Parenting with PEP During the Pandemic. June 23, 2020

Terry Knaus, HECA ED was quoted in an article for HerMoney, "Should I take a GAP year if my college campus is closed in the fall?" June 4, 2020

"Is it Time to Rethink Standardized Testing?" article by NACAC President Jayne Caflin Fonash 4/30/20

HECA members Scott S. Garbini and Eric Endlich published a list of COVID-era Resources for students to stay engaged 4/15/20

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