HECA Membership Database Terms of Use

HECA makes an Excel version of its Membership Mailing List available to businesses. The Mailing List includes each member’s name, postal address, and email address.

By requesting a copy of the Mailing List, a business agrees to the following Terms of Use:

Each business is granted permission to use the list once to contact HECA members by either direct mail or email (not both) about products and services for HECA members, provided such contact complies with the following:
  • The business must clearly identify the purpose of the direct mail or email
  • The email or direct mail piece must include an opt-in mechanism for members to subscribe or unsubscribe to any future mailings

In requesting the HECA Membership Mailing List, the business agrees to not resell or provide the list for use to any other institution, subsidiary, business or other third party without the express written permission of the Higher Education Consultants Association.

Businesses agree to hold the Higher Education Consultants Association free from any and all damages that may arise from the use of the Membership Mailing List.

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