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The Keynote address will be presented by Dr. Jose Antonio Bowen, President of Goucher College on “Technology, The Liberal Arts and the New Learning Economy”, a powerful “food for thought” as we enter a new learning economy where graduates will be valued not by how much they know, but by how much they can learn.

A few program highlights include:

  • Robert Massa, Sr. VP at Drew University who will give a five-decade perspective on the changing landscape of college admission and explore how IECs can use this knowledge to benefit their students.
  • Dr. Jeff Gold, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Success Initiatives, Research and Innovation at California State University who will speak on how one of the most diverse university systems in the country is using Big Data to inform improved graduation rates and identify other opportunities to help students.
  • Gretchen Dahlinger Means, Title IX Coordinator at the University of Southern California who will speak on staying safe at college.
  • A full conference session examining the current and future trends in academic, social and cultural transitions for first year students with a distinguished panel of college and university officials including Robert Massa, Sr. VP for Enrollment and Institutional Planning, Jennifer Sandoval-Dancs, Assistant VP and Director of Admissions at Claremont McKenna College, Ken O'Donnell, Interim Vice Provost, Accreditation Liaison Officer, California State University Dominguez Hills and Stefano Papaleo, Director, Undergraduate Admission, Lynn University.

A Sampling of our Conference Break-out Sessions

Guiding Students on the Pre-Med and Pre-Health Path
What are medical school admission panels looking for? This panel will focus on how IECs can best assist high school students who are interested in pre-medical or pre-health related careers. We’ll discuss what type of students make the best scientists and how they can build a college transcript and resume that will impress medical schools. Our experts – including a physician (and former JHU Trustee) and an IEC who specializes in guiding pre-med students – will share a few important “X-factors” for students hoping to head to medical school or other pre-health graduate programs.

Building Your Best College Lists in the US and Beyond
We team up to tackle what many IECs consider to be the most
difficult and important part of our work—creating strong, effective college lists. We show you how to deliver a list that students and families can use to launch further research, profile and compare colleges and make better informed college choices. We present case studies to introduce our 7 C’s, a framework for building lists, and demonstrate value added. As international universities offer increasingly attractive options and opportunities, we show how to modify the framework to build lists of schools in Commonwealth nations as well as in the US.

Defying Dysfunction in College- Preventing Failure-to-Launch! -ask the Expert Executive Function Panel
Disorders in executive functions interfere with student success in college both academically and emotionally. The end result leads to many successful high school students falling victim to the "failure to launch" statistic. Moderated by Consultant Larry Blumenstyk, our panel of expert providers will share how higher education programs are coaching students and teaching strategies for success. Consultants need to be able to differentiate among programs in order to provide guidance for families. Our experts will help to identify at-risk student profiles and provide examples of scaffolding and coaching. This panel will include Mitchell, Marist, Landmark Colleges, and Fairleigh Dickenson University.

The Gig Economy: Preparing High School Students for Careers in…
By 2020, approximately 40% of the U.S. workforce will be engaged in quick “gigs” and project-based work. Most college seniors in 2020 will enter the workforce managing a series of projects, rather than dedicating years of service to any particular organization. This session will focus on how early career discovery during the college planning process can better prepare students for this new career reality, including tools for developing expertise in project settings aligned to the student’s aptitudes and interests.

Reducing Anxiety in College Admissions and Standardized Testing
Learn about best practices and specific tools to utilize growth mindset, learned optimism, mindfulness, selective attention, and grit to lower anxiety throughout the college admissions process and standardized testing. We’ll review several schools’ and top educators’ unique approaches to addressing this high-profile issue.

Expand Your Vision: Growing your business home, away, and online.
Our 20/20 vision is to help you contribute to student success using 21st Century tools and processes. Where you live no longer dictates the success of your business. Learn how you can scale your business, build your brand recognition, and deliver your services whether you are operating near home, a region away, or on a virtual platform. Hear lessons learned on expansion into multiple brick-and-mortar locations and how to run an exclusively online virtual business. We will share resources, tools, and tradecraft that have allowed us to scale our businesses at home, across state lines and virtually everywhere.

Counseling the College-Bound Student-Athlete . . . A Whole Different Ballgame!
HECA counselors are experts in advising their college-bound students But, what happens when a student is also an ATHLETE? With 7 million participants in high school sports, where are the counselors with the knowledge to effectively guide these athletes through their recruiting activities? The availability of formal training and resources to enable you to advise your athletes has been virtually non-existent . . . until now! Take advantage of our 27 years of experience to learn how to help your athletes implement a successful recruiting experience. Please join us and sharpen your vision for counseling future aspiring athletes.

Empowering students with 20/20 vision in career planning and college selection
Learn how to empower your students using the intrinsic value of insights from a triad of assessment results that get to the core of each student. Clarify and demonstrate, how transferable skills, ideal work values, and organizational culture impact career selection. Hear student success stories about the effectiveness of using this customized approach to produce crystal clean information on career fit that can be expanded into criteria for evaluating college, major, and career selection.

Counseling the young adult in recovery back to college or grad school.
More than one hundred colleges and universities - from the Ivy League to small denominational schools - currently offer varying degrees of programming to students recovering from substance and process (gaming, etc.) addictions; the number is growing rapidly as these students have higher GPA's, better retention, and deep commitment to their schools. Some provide housing and a full range of staffed support services. Others are just catching on to this trend. The session will outline the three main organizational models, use case studies to demonstrate application strategies, and show student success rates. Time for questions will be included. Handouts planned.

"Standing In Their Boots"
College Advising with former servicemen and servicewomen means understanding that Vets are a unique population. The purpose of this presentation is to offer the tools necessary and an electronic manual that all participants will take with them to help them feel comfortable taking on a Vet or two in their community. 20/20? To not "see" this need or to look he other way is not built into the foundation of HECA or the personalities of any HECA member I have ever come in contact with.

A Green Education? What Your Students Need to Know
More and more students today are interested in issues related to the environment and sustainability. From recycling to climate change to renewable energy, how can students explore these concerns during college? Can they parlay their interests into long-term career options? Come and learn how to advise your students who wish to prepare for “green jobs” through sustainability-focused curricular options, internships, hands-on environmental research and exchange programs.

And many more topics, such as....

Cannabis and College Age Young Adults: With Cards or Without

Debunking the Myth of the Starving Artist: Creative Majors and Careers

The new landscape for testing accommodations: what you need to know

Get Clients Clamoring: Marketing Your Independent College Counseling Business

Gender in the college admissions process

Moving Beyond the Essay

Staying Safe at College: Sexual Assault, Substances, Gun Safety and more

Canada’s Best Kept Secret: Liberal Arts Universities

Truly Insightful: The Multiple Uses of the UC Personal Insight Questions.

College Financial Aid: Build Your List with Cost in Mind

Introduction to Law School Admissions

Supporting ALL students and families in the NEW political climate: Best Practices

You’ve Gotta Have Faith (Or Not!)

Calm and Centered: Retraining the Brain to Reduce Teen Stress and Anxiety

The Ethics of Business Growth and Transitions

Major Decisions. Designing and implementing an internship/job shadowing program for your clients.

Beyond Mentors: Developing an Accountability Partnership to Drive IEC Success

There are even more sessions than we list here! 


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