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Nadine Cartwright-Lowe

Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group


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Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group
Vice President/Managing Director
245 Amity Road Suite 203
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  • Northeast
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Fort Lee
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New Jersey
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  • Yes
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PECAAG specializes in admissions to Ivy League and highly selective colleges, BS/MD programs, medical, law, graduate and business schools. Also, waitlist/rejected-to-acceptance and transfer admissions. 97% Acceptance Rate. Visit our website to see our 2017 Acceptance Results.
Services Offered
  • College selection
  • Application guidance
  • Essay review
  • Test prep
  • Financial Aid advising
  • Graduate school advising
Type of Students Served
  • High school students
  • Transfer students
  • International students
  • Athletes
  • Fine/Performing Arts Applicants
  • First generation students
Description of Services
College admissions advisory services. Graduate, medical and law school admissions advisory services. PECAAG: (http://www.pinnacleeducationalcenteradmissionsadvisorsgroup.com) Also assist students who have been rejected or waitlisted to reapply: (http://www.collegeapplicationrejected.com) Pinnacle on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbS_Y5fPqH2SDAKCBZ9tJ5g As a licensed medical doctor my specialty is medical school and BS/MD program admissions: (http://www.medicalschooladmissionsadvisors.com)
Additional Information
Pinnacle Educational Center/Admissions Advisors Group affiliates: Medical School Admissions Advisors - (http://www.medicalschooladmissionsadvisors.com); BS/MD Admissions Advisors - (http://www.bsmdadmissionsadvisors.com) Ivy League Admissions Advisors - applicants to Ivies (http://www.ivyleagueadmissionsadvisors.com); International Admissions Advisors - international students/applicants seeking admissions to top U.S. colleges - (http://www.internationaladmissionsadvisors.com); Student-Athlete Advisors - student-athlete applicants- (http://www.studentathleteadvisors.com); College Transfer Admissions Advisors - college students who wish to transfer - (http://www.collegetransferadmissionsadvisors.com). College Application Rejected- Advisors (http://www.collegeapplicationrejected.com)
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Brown University


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Brown University Alpert Medical School


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More than 10 years

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  • 16-25
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  • 6 -15

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Specialize in MEDICAL SCHOOL ADMISSIONS: http://www.medicalschooladmissionsadvisors.com and BS/MD PROGRAMS: http://www.bsmdadmissionsadvisors.com


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