2021 Conference resources

Thank you to our presenters for generously sharing their slides and handouts.  More to come!
Wednesday Sessions

Keynote Speaker: Rick Clark - The Room Where It Happens

Breakout Session A

  • Felons Cheaters and Varsity Blues: Working with the Hardest Cases
  • Grow Your IEC Business: Tools for Best Practices

  • In a Test Optional World, How Can We Help Students Shine Academically?

    - Session Resources

  • It's All Local: Understanding the Impact of Local and State Legislation on Your Business

  • Teen Anxiety: Know the Signs and Resources
  • Through the Looking Glass: A Glimpse into Working with the Neuro-Diverse Student
- Session Resources
  • Writing a Personal Statement for UK Universities - Step by Step Workshop

Breakout Session B

- Session Resources 

  • From Doctrine to Dialogue: Understanding the Spectrum of Faith-Based Institutions
  • Neurodiversity and Mental Health in College
  • Performers and Athletes and Artists, Oh My! - Working with Specialty Consultants
  • Using Surveys to Make Better Matches

Breakout Session C

Thursday Sessions

Special Guest Speaker: Eric Hoover - Admissions in Transition

Breakout Session D

  • Building a College List with Confidence

Breakout Session E

  • Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Why BIPOC Students Need Communities of Care

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